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Travelodeal uses a small piece of text file called cookies located on your system's hard disk. This file is normally placed by a web page server to identify the device being used for visiting the travelodeal website. The stored cookies on your local machine captures the useful features based on your recent search and preferences so that we can personalize and enhance your future experience. Please note that by continuing to browse the website or by using the App you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

We use cookies for below stated purposes

- To get an accurate statistics on the number of unique visitors and request that the website will receive from various locations. Doing this will give us clarity on the website capacity to handle the users and ensure the website's speed and smooth functioning.

- To hold the logged in session so that user can traverse through website flawlessly.

- When you visit any pages for booking, it will help us to customize the layout and other content based on your stored preferences.

How do we use the cookies?

Cookies always remain unique to each browser so that a same user accessing our website from multiple browsers or devices, the data for same can be collected and maintained separately. Travelodeal uses session cookies to keep a track of what you are booking and the information that you have entered as you move through each stage of the booking process. Cookies enable our search panel to remember any information you have inputted, so if you come back to have another look for a similar vacation on the same device, you won’t have to fill everything in again. For example, if you select a travel package but then leave our website and come back later to book, we will have stored the package using cookies so you shouldn’t have to search for it again. Similarly if you save any deals into our online scrapbook, they will be waiting for you if you want to have another look.

For better understanding of how persistent cookie functions and can be useful for the website you visit frequently, for that you can allow these types of cookies to be accepted by the browser by enabling it from the settings.

Whenever you visit our website, the cookie contains following information.

  • - Cookie lifetime and a value

  • - Domain name


Types of cookies that we use

Technical Cookies

Technical cookie is necessary for the correct and proper working of the website. It provides the user with requested content. It gives access to users the way they browse the webpage and use several options. It helps us to manage the traffic, identifying session, control security measures during browsing, store and share content over the social networks.

Performance cookies

This type of cookie is linked with monitoring the behavior of the users visiting the website. It gathers information about how each and every visitors use a website uniquely. For instance, the pages that are repeatedly visited by the users, those are checked for malfunction more frequently. These cookies mostly inclines towards providing statistical information such as page visits count, technologies used to access the site and page load time. All collected statistics are used to make the interaction more pleasant. These are generally first party cookies, a combination of persistent and session cookie.

Functionality Cookies

These are used to recognise you when you return to our website or the App. This enables us to personalise our content for you and remember your preferences (for example, your choice of language or the destination that you last searched for).

Third Party cookies

We may use a number of social media tools to enhance your experience on our site including Facebook Pixel Code that checks if you are logged in and shows ‘like’ information or allows you to post to Facebook. If you already use these platforms their cookies may be set through our website. Data may then be collected by these companies that enables them to serve up adverts on other sites that they think are relevant to your interests.


Want to manage cookies?

You can visit the website which clarifies on how to delete or manage the cookies you want to accept or reject. All the latest browsers have an option in their settings or preferences menu to change the behavior of the cookie. If you are not comfortable at any point of time and would like to decline the use of cookies, kindly follow the stepwise explanation available at below links on how to manage cookie settings for specific browser.

  • For cookie instruction on Google Chrome, Click here

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  • For cookie instruction on Microsoft Internet Explorer, Click here

  • For cookie instruction on Safari, Click here

Note that, disabling cookies or managing settings in browser to reject the cookies can limit you from experiencing all the features of the website. In case of any queries or comments about our cookie policy then feel free to reach us at .

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