Best Christmas Holiday Destinations in Europe

Image October 6, 2020

Didn't we just celebrate Christmas a while ago? Yeah, that’s what we keep thinking while scrolling through random Christmas ads surfacing on the internet. Don’t we? I can literally feel you guys nodding your heads!

We have so much to complain about as the year really went by in the blink of an eye, all thanks to the pandemic, which caged us in our very homes for the longest period. But the great news is, we are now allowed to travel (of course with proper precaution! we should not be stepping out without wearing a mask!) and celebrate our favourite holiday in pleasure and delight. So, guys, it’s time to scratch the itch that has been bugging us for so long and pack our travel bags.

Ringing New Year in the presence of sheer beauty is what we look forward to during the entire year. Right from saving up for the trip to trying all sorts of diets and, of course, asking Google hundreds of questions about all the trending locations. But, this year, you don't have to take much stress.

Plan Your Journey

All you need to do is pour yourself a glass of wine, play some soothing music and check out our list of magnificent destinations splurging all over Europe where you can celebrate Christmas with your friends, family, and spouses. So, let's get started!

As we all know, Europe is a fantastic blend of art, culture, and history. There are endless possibilities of getaways from museums and art galleries to deserted beaches and crowded streets when it comes to Europe.

The Month of Celebration Begins!

In Europe, Christmas is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm and cheer. It isn't just a two-day affair. Celebrations begin right from the beginning of December and go on up until New Year’s.

Twinkling lights lit up houses, concerts are arranged, and the aroma of freshly baked muffins runs through the streets. Discovering exotic locations while walking hand in hand with your beloved with cinnamon-scented bagels on the other hand and the smell of mulled wine in the air while little snowflakes falling from the sky is the ultimate dream. Isn’t it? So, let’s take you into the world of ultimate travel pleasure.

After taking a survey of thousands of tourists and bloggers, we have come up with the following four destinations, which will sweep you off of your feet this festive season.

From London to Vienna, These Places Come Alive During The Christmas Holidays.

1. London, United Kingdom

London is and has been the ultimate holiday destination for Christmas since ages. Apart from gorging on delicious food items and gazing at the beautifully decorated street-lights, there are plenty of events you can attend this season:

- Hyde Park Winter wonderland

- Hogwarts in the snow tour

- Light show at Kew Gardens

- Royal Albert hall

- The haunted Hampton Court palace

- JW3 Ice rink

- St. Paul’s Cathedral Church

2. Vienna, Austria

Christmas market is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of spending holidays in Vienna, whether you are in a mood to shop or not, you should definitely pay a visit to these ultra-popular markets which attract the attention of thousands of tourists every single year from all over the world. The markets are set up in the greeneries of parks and gardens, giving it a natural touch. There is a traditional musical advent that makes headlines for its star-studded line-up.

While the adults will be having the time of their lives, the little ones would not be left far behind. The organization of an advent program for children to visit Poldi’s Christmas handicraft workshop at Schonbrunn Palace will make them enjoy their days to the fullest. All in all, spending Christmas in Vienna will be a true delight both for adults and children.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Sipping a hot cup of gluhwein in this city’s chilly but pleasant atmosphere is one true, delightful experience. Every year plenty of people come to this beautiful city to spend their Christmas holiday, but they leave it with a heavy heart, reason? You ask? Well… there is something really mesmerizing about this place, which makes it so desirably unique, or maybe, it’s the experience people have while wandering around. The following are the most famous activities you need to try while paying a visit to Prague.

- Old town square Christmas market parades

- Charles Bridge Tower

- Night time walk at Vltava river

- Indulging in food activities at Svarak and Trdelnik

- Views of Vrtba Gardens

4. Zurich, Switzerland

No list in the world is complete without addressing the heaven on the earth, that is, Switzerland and for this list, particularly the capital, Zurich. So, let’s dive into the enchanting magical spirit of the city. There are various events to catch our attention like the Christmas markets, ice rinks, skiing, and many more but what caught my attention is the comfortable, cozy feeling of having the ultimate comfort food.

I know, I know, you must be wondering what kind of list places food as the top event…well… our kind! (with a wink). I am a big foodie, and I guess since you are still reading this article, so, we kind of share the same taste, Right? So, don’t you worry my friend, I will introduce you to the reason why Zurich is so famous for its Cheese (sorry, food!... potato). The following are the most famous dishes served in Zurich: -

Zurcher Geschnetzeltes

Sliced-up veal blanketed in the sauce of creamy mushrooms served along with rosti and grated potatoes.

Cheese Fondue

Swiss melted cheese eaten with dipping bread into it, goes really well with white wine.

Luxemburgerli macaroon

Cookie made from ground nuts or almonds with a rich filling of chocolate and takes three days, you will figure out why it is worth the wait after having the first bite.

After taking this wild tour into the world of joy-filled Christmas, let’s not forget to pack essentials like masks, sanitizers, and other essentials required to maintain safe distancing and hygiene along with our travel bags. After all, we went through this year, a short trip following proper guidelines and restrictions is within our reach to make this memorable festival even more memorable and end 2020 on a happy note.

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