10 Indispensable Travel Accessories for Happy Travel

Image July 2, 2021

Travelling brings new adventures and joys, sometimes it might even become hectic and boring. This happens when we travel without proper planning and equipment. To save you from the hassle, we have made a list of ten accessories which will make your next travel experience not just convenient but also peaceful.

Here are the ten not-so-obvious things you should keep with yourself the next time you get ready to explore: -

1. Transparent Toiletry Bag - The Multi-functional bag

This bag is not just compact but also fashionable. And apart from being TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved which will save so much of your time during security checks on The Airport, it will also protect you from the stress that you have while fumbling different bags to find your cosmetics and other stuff. Additionally, this toiletry bag is waterproof so that you don’t have to worry about the spilling of your liquid products all the time. Welcome to the world of stress-free traveling!

2. Universal Travel Adaptor with USB charging ports - The travel charger

This Universal Travel Adaptor is a must, especially if you travel internationally. Good or bad it might be, but technology today has gripped every area of our lives. So, this adapter which is compatible with most of your travel essentials like mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, and laptops and so on is nothing but a boon.

3. Small electronics cable organizer

Again, because we’re living in such a technology-driven world, we can’t really leave it behind even on our escape routes. Hence, this electronics cable organizer is an essential travel tool especially if you’re as clumsy as me and always worried about losing your tech stuff. This product right here is not just TSA approved but also capable of keeping all your cables, earphones and power banks in one single space quite accessible.

4. Pill Organizer Water Bottle - Doctor on the go

The trendy water bottle you must have seen people carrying, this one will take care of your health on your journey. This Pill Organizer water bottle has different compartments for every day of the week. You know how important it is to carry a medicine box, particularly when you’re traveling with the elderly. This bottle can make it easier for you as you don’t have to constantly keep worrying about pills and vitamins as you travel.

5. Carry-on Cocktail kit - For some fun in the sky

If you’re an old-school flyer, this small carry-on cocktail kit should definitely be a part of your travel baggage. This kit contains all the things you need to enjoy a good cocktail up in the air, starting from a recipe card to aromatic bitters. It has it all!

6. Anti-crease Shirt Transporter- Saving you from ironing hassles

Also called the Shirt Shuttle, this one is useful especially if you’re going on a work trip. This Anti-crease Shirt Transporter will help you focus better as you will not have to worry about your shirts getting wrinkled hence ruining your impression in that important meeting.

7. Bag/Jacket Gripper- Your helping hand

This sort of Luggage Strap is no less than a blessing. It can literally share your load on your trips. With this little gadget; you can attach your jacket, purse etc. To your luggage and make your airport walks easier.

8. Cell phone Charging Shelf- Holding your phone tight

If you’re looking for a savior, this charging shelf is all that you need. With this product being a part of your checklist while traveling, you don’t have to constantly think about your phone battery running out. You can charge it anywhere, starting from Airports to Restaurants even where there is no counter or table to put your phone on.

9. The all-in-one Kitchen Tool- For the stomach and the soul

If you’re the kind of traveler who likes staying in Airbnb’s and cooking their own food or the one who likes road trips, take this set wherever you go. It will make food preparation easier than ever.

10. Trekking socks- Don’t worry, relax

Even if you’re not planning to do trekking on your tour, these compression socks can heal your feet from the hectic day you have in exploring beautiful places. They have a double layer for the same purpose. We have done the job to make your next vacation as pleasant and posh as possible. The rest is up to you. Go and check out these products immediately, most of them are on Amazon.

Order them ASAP as they will not only be your friend during your travel and make it happy and peaceful, you can even use them in your daily life.

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